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Physical Therapy

Hope On The Move

CRCC’s Physical Therapy Team specializes in working with children who have a wide range of diagnoses, medical complexities, cognitive challenges and developmental delays. Physical therapy uses individualized exercises, strategies, technology and activities with the goal of promoting and improving gross motor skills. Physical therapists can also assist with assessing, fitting and ordering orthotics, standers, walkers, gait trainers and wheelchairs.

CRCC’s physical therapists provide evaluation, treatment, consultation – and of course, hope – to bring improvement in the following areas.

• Gross motor development
• Muscle tone, strength and flexibility
• Posture/postural control
• Pre-gait and gait training
• Locomotion patterns
• Coordination, balance and motor planning
• Neuromuscular function
• Endurance
• Body alignment
• Environmental adaptations
• Wheelchair positioning and mobility
• Splinting/bracing/orthotics

Your child may benefit from, or be referred for, physical therapy services if they display delays or challenges with any of the following:

• Delayed (more than six months) in reaching developmental milestones
• Poor posture/postural control
• General or targeted muscle weakness
• Limited endurance for physical activity
• Functional limitations affecting walking, balance and/or coordination
• Difficulty learning new gross motor tasks
• Changes in physical function due to an injury or surgery
• Difficulty with basic movement
• Sports or orthopedic condition or injury
• Neurological condition or processing disorder that affects gross motor development
• A need for adaptive equipment


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