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School Age Programs

Day Program

The core of hope

Before- and after-school care

CRCC’s Day Health Services are the core of its program to deliver joy, hope and health. These services provide for the medical needs of clients as well as their educational needs by complementing early intervention and the school’s efforts. CRCC’s team approach creates a partnership with families, medical professionals and school services. In addition, rehabilitation and behavioral health services are available to children attending the day program, which offers full- or part-time care for before and after school and during school breaks for school-age clients.

CRCC’s before- and after-school programs focus on building relationships, gaining independence and instilling in clients a sense of responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. Daily activities encourage positive peer interactions, communication skills, daily living skills, responsibility and what it means to be part of a community. An inclusive and loving environment is created with the use of adaptive equipment and teacher supports. As with all CRCC programs, IEPs are used to coordinate services with families and schools and help each child reach their full potential.

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