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Family Advocacy Series

Family Advocacy Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for Nebraska parents, families and educators of children with special needs. For 30 years, CRCC has served children with medically fragile conditions, developmental delays and other physical challenges. The organization has developed the Family Advocacy Series, which allows these families and the public to interact with a variety of experts in early childhood development and education via monthly, one-hour virtual sessions.

"Families of children with special needs face unique challenges related to care, finances and advocacy,” said Anne Constantino, CRCC CEO. “COVID-19 has compounded their struggles, and the CRCC advocacy series will help educate and empower families, caregivers and educators to better care for children.

The upcoming lineup of events are designed to provide practical tips and resources for parents and others concerned with early childhood development and education in a casual and interactive format.

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