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Below you will find updates on our facilities, specialized services, and what our team is doing to unite, grow and lead in the Omaha community. 

Personal Protective Equipment Needed 

Both CRCC centers are now open for families to resume our care. As we continue to maintain a safe and clean environment for our children, we are in need of more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are reaching out to friends and families of CRCC to help our organization continue providing unmatched services by donating PPE today. This can be done by a direct donation or the purchase of an item from our wishlist.

Items in need:

•    Cavi wipes
•    Cavi spray
•    Masks
•    Antibacterial wipes
•    Non-latex glove

The CRCC team is committed to keeping our facilities as clean as possible while operating with extreme caution. That means constantly wiping surfaces, and the requirement of all-day masks and wearing of gloves. We believe we can never be too safe, especially when caring for vulnerable children.
Please consider donating to our PPE fund so we can keep bringing joy, hope and health to our CRCC families. 

CRCC Fever Policy 

The following policy is used to determine when a client with a fever needs to go home, stay home, or is eligible to return to CRCC. This policy is implemented by all CRCC staff. 

•    Any child with a temperature greater than 100 degrees may not attend CRCC.
•    If a child develops a fever while in our care, the client’s guardian will be notified and the client will need to be picked up within 60 minutes of the phone call. This child will be isolated away from other staff and clients until the parent has picked up the child.
•    If a child is prescribed antibiotics, they may return to the center 24 hours after the start of antibiotics.
•    If a child appears to be ill, and is without a fever, it is at the nurse’s discretion whether or not the child may attend CRCC at that time.
•    Children with a fever may return to CRCC when they remain fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, AND with a doctor’s note stating the child may to return to center, OR if the child remains fever-free for 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication

Both our Northwest and Southwest locations are now open. Our staff members are committed to keeping our facilities squeaky clean, and we are still operating with extreme caution, despite restrictions being recently loosened by our governor. That means constant wiping down of surfaces, all-day masks for our staff and wearing gloves. We believe we can never be too safe, especially when caring for vulnerable children. If you are interested in reserving care for your child please contact our Admissions Team at

CRCC’s Learning Together at Home curriculum is now open to the Omaha community and beyond. This curriculum includes a kit that contains a schedule for 30+ days of activities and access to educational video content for daily guidance. For more information click here.
CRCC is now providing Telehealth Therapy services to our families and the Omaha community. Telehealth is a great advantage to our children and their families, and we will continue this service even after both centers reopen. We are offering OT, PT, SLP, and Behavioral Health via Telehealth services. For more information on our Telehealth services, click here! 
Please follow CDC guidelines to help prevent your child from contracting the virus, monitor your child for possible COVID-19 symptoms and follow CDC recommended protocol if you suspect your child is ill. 
Thank you for placing your trust in CRCC as we continue to find new solutions. 
Please contact Anne Constantino at 402-895-4000 with any additional questions.

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